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” … Well I have to say that Scrimp and Save exceeded my expectations.  Response was immediate and sales so far represent over 30 times my investment with you.”  (Larry Plato, Owner)


Fleming Windows & Mirror

” … my gross sales were up 20-30% for 2-3 weeks, which were directly related to the coupons I had mailed out in the Scrimp and Save.”  (Gerian Sloetjes, Owner)


Mattress Outlet

” … I wanted you to know that we have had more success with Scrimp and Save than any other print offering.”  (Bruce Denis, Business Manager)


Welland Honda

” … We advertised in the first two issues, experienced nothing but positive results and feedback, and have seen our registrations increase to a new high.”  (Greg Wierzcholski, Owner)


Niagara Conservatory of Music

” … Linda and I wanted you to know how pleased we’ve been with the results we’ve had from Scrimp and Save.  The day I called you to tell you the phone was ringing off the wall and that it had caught us off guard, things only got better.  Results have been wonderful! (Anita Quinn & Linda Robert, Owners)


The Wallpaper Place

” … I’m really pleased with the results Scrimp and Save has generated for my business, sales are way up!”  (Don Robbins, Owner)



” … Our phone started ringing as soon as the first issue we appeared in arrived in homes.  We were surprised at the number of calls that we received and the number of jobs that we got in the first months. (Paul Pollard, Owner)

Junk Run

Junk Run

” … Our advertising dollars have not been this successful with any other publication out there.  I will recommend Scrimp and Save to anyone.”  (Marlene Heinrichs, Owner)


Imperial Hardwood Flooring

” … Although sales were down in our industry, this October  by 10%, Runner’s Edge sales were up 10% and I attribute that directly to Scrimp and Save.”  (Benny Ralston, Owner)


Runners Edge

” … I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would get from the Scrimp and Save, but I am glad I tried since the response was great! (Mike Timmers, Owner)


Crystal Clean Services

” … Finally, I have found something that produces great results and a solid return on my investment which, in my eyes, is pretty refreshing.  I’m glad you knocked on my door!”  (Lee Tokar, Owner)


Flair Kitchen Design

” … I’m both shocked and impressed with the results from Scrimp and Save.  I used Scrimp and Save and one other coupon book to advertise my December specials.  The offers were the same in each.  The bottom line is that as of December 31st, you outperformed your competitor by 9 to 1.  WOW!”  (Shane Moon, Franchisee)


Pro Oil Change